My Little London: Tamara Ecclestone

My Little London: Tamara Ecclestone

Just to make things very clear once and for all for the Daily Mail that either don't have the ability to understand a joke or to differentiate between and cot and a roll out. So just a quick brush on what a cot likes like it has four sides and is enclosed so a small child cannot get out of so based on that it would be fairly ridiculous that a grown man would be able to sleep in one. Next the object you are referring To in your factually incorrect article is a roll out bed. Now that we are done with the lesson in beds we can move onto jokes. I didn't actually mean for Jay to sleep in a roll out bed while Fifi and i go in the bed there is plenty of room for the three of us in the beds we sleep in. Lastly I am fairly certain you knew that and were being unsurprisingly facetious. Happy holidays 🌲🎅🏻

15 hours ago

Just to make things very clear once and for all...

Round one of celebrations #celebratingaspecialgirl

1 day ago

Round one of celebrations #celebratingaspecialgirl

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